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You Asked, We Answered - 

Q: I want Dr. P to do my surgery, but I can’t pay out of pocket - do you accept insurance?

A: All in-person consultations, subsequent visits, and surgeries are billed through insurance.

Q: Do I need to schedule a virtual consult?

A: Yes, a consult is necessary for Dr. P to assess and give specific instructions for your case. 


Q: Is there a fee for the consultation?

A: Yes - For initial virtual consultations, Dr. P doesn’t accept insurance, it is out of pocket. Virtual consultations can be scheduled at


Q: Can I do an in-person consult instead?

A: Yes - if you live in the Chicago, IL area or are interested in traveling, please let us know and we will provide more information 


Q: What documents do I need to have on my consultation call?

A: Any radiology reports that you have is sufficient. CD/Images aren’t necessary. 


Q: Is there a weight limit?

A: No - Dr. P works on women of all sizes


Q: I live out of the country - can you still perform surgery?

A: Yes, Dr. P has many international patients

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