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About Dr. P


Dr. Johnson is a board-certified Ob/Gyn specializing in minimally invasive surgery and pelvic floor repair. He is known as the Fibroid Slayer and utilizes the DaVinci robot and other laparoscopic approaches to treat fibroids. Additionally, Dr. Johnson is a sexual health expert with specialized training to treat patients with anorgasmia (inability to achieve orgasm) and dyspareunia (painful intercourse). He also offers vaginal reconstruction options.


Dr. Johnson’s life story is predicated on triumph over all obstacles, detailed in a book he co-authored, Pulse of Perseverance: Three Black Doctors on Their Journey to Success. He delivers dynamic messages to large crowds of people of all ages that are designed to inspire and provide blueprints for success.



Dr. Johnson understands that healthcare disparities are rooted in bias. The lack of access to quality healthcare disproportionally impacts underserved communities. Dr. Johnson pledged as a child to become a physician and fight to eradicate healthcare disparities by sharing his knowledge and skills with those in need. Education and awareness are the keys to equitable healthcare. Fibroid Slayer elevates the voice of women.

"Through his actions, Dr. Johnson exemplifies to the world that underprivileged youth aren’t just capable, but they belong at the highest pinnacles of professional achievement."

About Me.

Failure is never an option.


Dr. Pierre Johnson aka The Fibroid Slayer is a minimally invasive gynecologic guru born and raised on the south side of Chicago. As a child, he declared his destiny as an Ob-Gyn and worked through insurmountable odds to achieve his dreams. He graduated from Xavier University of LA with a BS in biology, MD from the University of IL College of Medicine, a General surgery internship at Washington Hospital Center, and completed his Ob-Gyn residency training from Southern IL University School of Medicine. As the oldest child of a single African American woman of 5 children, Dr. Johnson has witnessed the negative impact that implicit bias has on communities. He has vowed to dedicate his life to fighting to end healthcare disparities. Through extensive training and vast experience, Dr. Johnson has developed the niche to surgically manage the most difficult gynecologic cases. He professes that no fibroid is too big to manage, and every woman should have the option to preserve her uterus. He has over 13 years (2010) of experience with da Vinci robotic surgery and 9 years (2014) of experience with Acessa (Laparoscopic Radio-frequency Ablation of fibroids) .  


Dr. Johnson has a passion for educating and inspiring people. He was featured in The New York Times Magazine article, “A Prescription for More Black Doctors,” in 2015.  In 2016, Dr. Johnson received the Xavier University “40 under 40” award for young professional achievement; in 2017 he received the Alpha Kappa Alpha Monarch “Man of the Year” award. He has been featured on WGN News, The Chicago Tribune, Sister Circle, Windy City Live, and several other media outlets.

In addition, Dr. Johnson co-authored Pulse of Perseverance- Three Black Doctors on their Journey to Success.  Along with Dr. Joseph Semien and Dr. Maxime Madhere, the trio has traveled all over the country inspiring our future leaders. Through The Pulse of Perseverance Foundation, the doctors have provided monthly scholarships to well-deserving youth since September 2018. The doctors have been featured on multiple television platforms including NBC Today Show, The Steve Harvey Show, and ABC World News amongst many others. They were also featured in Ebony magazine, The New York Times, USA Today, and a multitude of other prominent publications. The crusade is to redefine the negative stereotypical narrative of the young black male. Through actions, Dr. Johnson exemplifies to the world that underprivileged youth aren’t just capable and belong at the highest pinnacles of professional achievement.



Ob-Gyn Residency

Southern Illinois University School of Medicine


General Surgery Internship

Washington Hospital Center


Medical Degree

University of Illinois College of Medicine


Bachelor of Science Biology Premed
Xavier University of LA

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